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There are situations in life that cause turmoil. Death of a loved one. Divorce. Loss of employment. Each type of crisis brings with it both loss and anxiety, and each often requires help with getting over the crisis and moving on.

If you are the going through a crisis that resulted from the sudden loss of your job and your marriage or common law relationship has broken down. I can help.

If you are responsible for paying child or spousal support based upon your former higher income. I can help.

Family law is set up deal with both situations. In a separation issues such as custody, access and support of children; spousal support and the division of the value of assets all come into play.

Without proper legal assistance family courts can be overwhelming. There are laws and legal precedents you must know that deal with such issues.

As well, with job loss and income reduction there is a procedure for changing the amount of money you pay for the support of your spouse and children. That procedure is called a Motion to Change. I can help with that.

A better option than litigation is mediation or mediation/arbitration. In mediation or mediation/arbitration the cost is often less than going to court and the process is much faster.

I have been practicing law for over 40 years. I am also certified as an expert in family law mediation and I am also a family law arbitrator. I’ve been mediating and arbitrating for nearly 10 years.

I can help. Call me.

Howard Warren on Family Law
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"Family Law litigation is extremely complex. If litigation seems to be the best choice, I will represent you vigorously.

Call or email me so that I can help you understand the law and the process.

Our conversation will be completely confidential."
- Howard