Howard Warren
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I have known Howard for about 10 years, first as opposing counsel, then as a dispute resolution officer in Newmarket and now as a mediator. I have found Howard a pleasure to work with and to have been successful in all of the above capacities. As opposing counsel he and I arranged a meeting between the two of us where we resolved a very complicated and protracted file. As a dispute resolution officer, I found that he quickly grasped the issues and gave us a concise opinion, which I did not prefer but accept was likely correct. My most recent experience with him as a mediator was also positive. Although it took two sessions he managed to help us resolve one of those typically protracted files that cried out for a resolution that could not be found in the Superior Court. I appreciated his relaxed but focused style. I would recommend him to all counsel.

- Charles Baker, Monteith, Baker, Johnston & Doodnauth

Howard Warren on Family Law
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"Family Law litigation is extremely complex. If litigation seems to be the best choice, I will represent you vigorously.

Call or email me so that I can help you understand the law and the process.

Our conversation will be completely confidential."
- Howard